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French test

French test

Your French level in less than 30 min!

Evaluate your French level for free thanks to the free online French test from CAMPUS LANGUES. Would you like to start to learn French or improve your skills?



Find out your level for free according to the European Framework of Languages.

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This French test guarantees you a precise assessment of your written skills.
Your oral skills will be precisely evaluated before your first course.

At the end of the test, find out your level according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The test consists of 2 steps:

1- Self-assessment
Answer 5 - 10 questions: the answers allow you to get to a test adapted to your skills in French.

2 - Assessment of your written skills

  • Grammar: 10 - 20 questions
  • Vocabulary: 10 – 20 questions
  • Written comprehension: 5 - 10 questions
  • Written expression

It is a multiple-choice questionnaire, meaning one correct answer is possible for every question.
The test time goes from 10 to 20 minutes according to your level.

At the end of the test, you will get to:

  • the overall result of your test and your level according to the European Framework,
  • the correction of your errors.

Furthermore, you will receive your official level and an invitation to know more about our courses by email.

Thank you for participating!
This test is not an exam: it will allow us to offer you the most suitable course according to your level.
It is important to take the test alone, without any help.
If you do not know an answer, leave a blank field.
Test you level of French! 

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