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Practice your French!

Improve your French through workshops!

  • Discover and reproduce sounds, accents and intonations
  • Have fun using French
  • Enjoy communicating
  • Extend your vocabulary
  • Produce a written text
  • Immerse yourself in a foreign culture
  • Understand social codes and linguistic subtleties

ORAL: Conversation / Phonetics / Reading & intonation / Oral expression
WRITTEN : Grammar / Written French / Dictation and spelling / Vocabulary/Lexicon

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20H/week Student Programme
Discovery Programme

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This workshop is an opportunity for you to practice your French through discussion with other students around a chosen theme.
A French teacher leads the conversation, guides the group and corrects any mistakes.

Speaking practice will help you to progress and gaining confidence in conversations will help you to adapt better to everyday situations.

Dictations and phonetic exercises with corrections help you to:

  • Ascertain the rhythm of a sentence
  • Understand the musicality of the language
  • Articulate vowels and consonants, e.g. through breathing
  • Correct your pronunciation

Revise different grammar points by working on:

  • Sentence construction
  • Conjugation
  • Agreements
  • Pronouns
  • Tenses
  • Irregular constructions, etc.

Get to grips with written French and feel better equipped to write all kinds of documents. Perfecting your spelling will make your writing clearer.

Dictation and spelling are essential to writing in French as a foreign language. In this workshop you willlearn to improve your spelling, avoid careless mistakes and recognise particular difficulties through dictations, supplementary exercises and assessments.

Improve your intonation andexperiment with different sounds.
Discover the musicality of the French language and improve your reading and fluency with the help of resources such as:

  • extracts from plays
  • poetry
  • novels

Enrich your vocabulary in a dynamic linguistic setting: work with words and expressions taken from daily life, which are explained and analysed in context.

Take the floor: oral activities give you an opportunity to talk in pairs or as a group: describe, discuss, debate and exchange ideas with your fellow students under the guidance of your teacher.

Eliminate stress and fear of public speaking by learning French through theatre! In our theatre workshop you can work on your voice, breathing, intonation and pronunciation!