It is important to us to maintain a relationship of trust.

Everyday we work on it by answering all the questions:

Why don’t you provide classes in small groups? 

We believe that you progress faster if you work in regular-sized classes: you communicate, you motivate each other, you feel more comfortable! There are 18 to 23 students per classroom and each group is separated by level. We usually split the class in 3 or 4 groups so you can work more efficiently on your speaking skills. Besides, thanks to our price policy, we can offer quality classes at affordable prices.

Why can’t we change our classroom location? 

When you register, you can choose your classroom location among our different training centers and your decision is final. Changing your location would lead to some pedagogical and administrative constraints.

Can we get a certificate at the front desk?

Our front desks are registration offices. You need to order all your certificates online on MyCAMPUS.

Can we ask the Front desk officer for a refund?

Refund request should be submitted online: Claim

Why does it take that long to receive our certificates of attendance?

Editing your certificates of attendance require a significant amount of administrative work. We do our best to make your certificates delivery our number one priority. The waiting period is 15 business days.

If you have any questions regarding your certificate, feel free to send an email at:

Can we study at school after our class?

Of course, you can use the student lounge to study. We advise you to do your homework and at home, in a quiet room. 

How can I get my diploma?

You will receive a CAMPUS LANGUES diploma after completing at least 12 weeks of studying with excellent attendance. The other requirement is to obtain a grade of 10/20 or above at your level exam. Your teacher will give you your diploma. Please notice that you can ask for a certificate of level on MyCAMPUS.

Why don’t you provide accommodation?

Our primary goal is to teach languages. We chose to provide quality courses at the best price over accommodation services. Such service would raise courses fees by 15 to 20%.

I’m looking for a student job. Can you help me?

We have some partnerships with specialized agencies for AU PAIR. If you are looking for another type of job, please, log on this website to find a list of different jobs available for foreign students: 


Furthermore, our French & English courses will help you prepare for job interviews and write a successful CV and cover letter.