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Terms of sale & internal rules

This translation is for guidance only.
Only the reference text in French is valid : http://www.campuslangues.com/conditions-de-vente-reglement-interieur


Registration is not final until the student has paid the full tuition fee prior to the first lesson. Any registration implies acceptance of the school’s rules (posted and available upon request). The courses cannot be transferred to another student.


The minimum academic level required is the equivalent of the baccalaureate.


Cancellation before the start of classes

  • Cancellation requested following visa refusal: the pre-registration fee (95 €) will not be refunded. If an additional tuition fee has been paid, it will be refunded on official proof issued by the Consulate. (Reception of the request 8 days minimum before the beginning of the courses)
  • Partial cancellation of weeks exceeding the end date of visa:
    • If the duration of obtaining a visa is shorter than the period paid, the courses exceeding the end of the visa date will be refunded, unless the student did not start his course at the scheduled date (date of the beginning of visa).
    • If the student does not start on the visa start date, courses exceeding the end of the visa date will not be refunded.
  • Cancellation requested following refusal of renewal of the residence permit: paid courses will be refunded upon presentation of official proof issued by the Prefecture, less the sum of 100 € administrative and banking fees. (Reception of the request 8 days minimum before the beginning of the courses)

In all other cases, courses will not be postponed or refunded.

Cancellation after the start of classes

No cancellation is possible when a Certificate of Registration for the Prefecture has been issued.
A week cannot be refunded if the student has been present to a course.

  • Cancellation requested following a change of status:

When the Prefecture grants the "Student" another status, the latter may request the cancellation and refund of the remaining courses after the date of publication of the new residence permit. The courses will be refunded pro rata, less the sum of 100 € administrative and banking fees upon presentation of the new residence permit.

  • Cancellation requested for medical repatriation of the student in his country of origin or incapacity for more than 4 weeks, (with official documents justifying it for the whole remaining duration of the registration), the courses will be refunded pro rata, less the sum of € 100 administrative and banking fees.


Any session already started is due entirely.
Holidays cannot be taken during a paid course period.
Students enrolled in the program "FLE 20h" will only be able to interrupt their lessons during a paid period by making the request 48h minimum (excluding weekends and holidays) BEFORE their departure (1 month maximum after the beginning of absence, in case of illness with Medical Certificate): See "Freedom Option".
N.B. During the official school holidays, "au-pair" students can benefit from a free postponement. (Only the request for postponement * is to be made)

5 - FREEDOM OPTION (FFL 20hr students only)*

1. Make a request for a postponement only online (leave, illness).

2. Register for the “Freedom Option” (20€ per week’s postponement / maximum 4 weeks


After an absence, the student may be asked to take a new level test. The student may be offered another class and/or a different time and/or may be required to wait (this may vary from one to several weeks) depending on the availability of places at the appropriate level. The course end date will not be changed.


The Private Institute CAMPUS LANGUES reserves the right:

- to cancel, suspend or postpone a course for which there are not enough students
- to break off a student’s tuition for poor behaviour or failure to abide by the internal rules.


A change of schedule may be accepted upon presentation of an employment contract and after completing the form *. A change is not granted automatically; it depends on the availability of places at the appropriate level. Where necessary, the student must first pay the difference in price. Without a reply from the school, the registration remains unchanged.


Any student who arrives more than 15 minutes late will not be allowed to join the lesson and will be considered to have been absent from the lesson.


Lessons are renewed by making a re-payment during the week in which the previous payment expires (see receipt or student/trainee card). If payment is not made in time, the student will not be automatically re-registered in the same class.


The student must cover the cost of health, accident and personal liability insurance. The CAMPUS LANGUES Private Institute declines all liability in the event of the loss or theft of or damage to students’ personal effects.


  • Pre-registration certificate (FFL only) valid for 1 year (renewable) for obtaining a student visa, issued after the pre-registration fee and the tuition fee have been paid.
    The updated (address, date, name…) or republished pre-registration certificate will be issued after payment of an inclusive sum (30€).
  • Final registration certificate after full payment of tuition fees for the period concerned (minimum 3 months). This document meets the requirements of the Prefecture of Police.
  • The student card (issued only to holders of a student visa) and trainee card are issued for the duration of the course followed. School staff may ask to see these cards issued by the CAMPUS LANGUES Private Institute at any time.
  • Tuition certificate * issued at any time of the year. 
  • Attendance certificate*: this is for the Prefecture and will be provided if the student has to renew his/her residence permit, after checks on attendance at lessons, 15 days after receipt of the form * duly filled in. The exact dates and the name(s) of the teacher(s) must be entered accurately.

N.B. the Prefecture requires a minimum attendance of 8 months per year’s study. The 
certificate will be issued only to students who have regularly attended lessons. The CAMPUS LANGUES Private Institute does not issue certificates to students who are absent too often, even if the lessons have been paid for in full.


The school is closed on Sundays and public holidays. Lessons are not postponed or refunded due to public holidays.


Throughout the year, the school may take photos or videos. Participants may agree or refuse to have their image used by notifying the photographer.


Registration implies acceptance of the general terms of sale. The registered person remains the sole contact in any later exchanges with the school, even if the fees are paid by a third party.

All complaints concerning the services provided by the CAMPUS LANGUES Private Institute must be sent :
- by recorded delivery sent to the CAMPUS LANGUES Private Institute head office, S.A.S. CFILC - 7, rue Duvergier, 75019 Paris, France.
- or online on MonCAMPUS : https://moncampus.campuslangues.com/reclamation

The complaint with official proof must be sent in within a month of the first day of absence or dispute. No incomplete or late complaint will be processed.

The school management has sole authority concerning the decision as to whether to refund the fees or make up the lessons that have not been followed.

Refunds are made within 30 days of the date on which the full case has been approved.
All disputes will be referred, where necessary, to the courts in Paris.
These terms of sale are governed by French law.


In accordance with the provisions of article L 121.20 of the French Consumer Regulations, where the client registers by correspondence, he/she has a period of 14 days in which to exercise his/her right of withdrawal, without having to give any reasons or pay any penalties.

The above-mentioned period runs from the date on which the client accepts the General Terms of Sale.

If the client withdraws in accordance with the terms of this article, a refund will be paid within fourteen days at the latest of receiving the request.

If the client has begun using the services ordered prior to exercising his/her right of withdrawal, he/she must pay CFILC the amount corresponding to the service provided.

If the client wishes to exercise his/her right of withdrawal, he/she must notify the school within the legal deadlines set out above:

- in writing and by post to the following address: CFILC - Service des Réclamations - 7, rue Duvergier 75019 Paris 

- by email: reclamations@cfilc.fr 

There is no withdrawal period if the client purchases services from the Registrations Department at the school.

*Requests to make on: “www.campuslangues.com”, “My Campus” page
Art 27 of Act no. 78.17, known as the “Loi informatique et libertés” (French equivalent of the Data Protection Act). The information contained in the registration form is required by us and may be used according to our needs. You have the right to access and correct this information: to exercise this right, please contact the Management.


1- Participants :

These excursions organized by the CAMPUS LANGUES Private Institute are open to all students registered with the school.
Students may, if they wish, offer the outing to up to two people from outside the school who are of a similar age to the participants. Participants must also be legally adults.

2- Payment and booking conditions:

Participants are informed that bookings for an outing do not become final until the cost of participation has been paid in full. 

3- Cancellation conditions:

If the student cancels at least 48 hours prior to departure, the cost of participation may be refunded only in cases of “force majeure” (major unforeseeable event) supported by an official document (medical certificate).

No refunds will be given if the student cancels less than 48 hours prior to departure.

4- Time-keeping:

Participants agree to keep to the times fixed by the accompanying staff or printed in the documents handed over at the time of registration.

Participants are informed that, if they fail to keep to the times fixed, or if they arrive late at the departure or return point or at the various halts made by the group, they must return by their own means and will not be given a refund.

5- Respect for staff, amenities and equipment:

Participants agree to treat the premises and equipment made available to them with respect throughout the excursion. In particular, they agree to make every effort to keep the coach clean.

Participants are informed that it is prohibited to eat and smoke on the coach.

All participants must comply with the rules of due care and follow the advice given by the accompanying staff in all circumstances. The CAMPUS LANGUES Private Institute may not be held liable for any accidents that may be caused by a participant’s misdemeanour, carelessness or negligence.

Any participant who does not abide by these rules or behaves in such a way as to cause annoyance to the other passengers, drivers, guides or accompanying staff may be removed from the group, must return at his/her own expense and will not be given a refund.


Article 1 : Any person attending the courses should have the student or intern card provided by the school upon enrolment.

Article 2 : The session dates are shown on the student or intern card. Those dates are set and the courses cannot be postponed.

Article 3 : The student or intern cannot himself choose his level and/or teacher. The level is indicated by the entry test. The course is not delivered by the same teacher all year round.

Article 4 : A possible change in level is done in agreement with the teacher. In that case the latter completes the special form and the change is effective on the following Monday.

Article 5 :  A student may ask to change the time of his course during the package, only for business reasons taking pace after the enrolment, on sight of an employment contract mentioning the work hours or a certificate by the employer clearly mentioning the work days and times.

Article 6 : Purchase of the course books is mandatory, the teacher shall provide the list of books that will be used during the session. No copies thereof will be issued.

Article 7 : All students should be on time at the courses. After 15 minutes lateness, the student can no longer enter the class.

Article 8 : Out of respect for the other students and for the personnel of the establishment, the use of cell phones is not allowed in the establishment.

Article 9 : The consumption of food or drinks is prohibited in the class rooms. Small parties or drinks should be held or taken in the break room.

Article 10 : The students are not allowed to set the ventilation and heating devices of the establishment nor to handle the blinds of the class rooms or window knobs.

Article 11 : There is no smoking in the enclosure of the school
It is also strictly forbidden to park in front of the entrance door to the school to smoke and throw cigarette butts in the staircase or at the entrance to the car park of the building. Smoker students should not smoke close to the building and should throw their cigarettes in a street rubbish bin.

Article 12 : During their various times of attendance in the establishment during non course times, the students are asked to go to the break room or cafeteria provided ion each site of the establishment and should refrain from parking at the entrance to the premises or around the emergency exits in order to allow people traffic in the best possible conditions.

The students will also remain calm during their study activities and exchanges during such break times. Telephone conversations or Internet as well as music are not allowed.

Article 13 : The administrative personnel or teachers of the establishment should be respected. No constraint or verbal or physical threat exercised against them will be tolerated.

Article 14 : Documents (certificates and affidavits) provided to the students and interns are a specific format to be recognised as genuine. Thus they should always be provided to the public services or legal authorities that they are intended for in their original format and without any change being made to them by the student.

Any submission of a different document from the one provided by us will be severely punished.

In the event of any breach of the inside rules, the establishment reserves the right to end the training of the respective student with no financial compensation.