Within the framework of the Quality Contract, l'Office de Garantie des Séjours linguistiques et Educatifs supervises and guarantees the following.

Clear and precise information concerning our French courses.

 Our documents precise (at least 5 days before the starting date):

  • different course options
  • course duration
  • pedagogical material used during the course
  • maximum number of students per class
  • complementary learning activities
  • course fee, and whether or not that fee includes a registration fee and course book and material.

 The school should also provide information concerning:

  • preparation courses for French language diploma
  • access to a library
  • accomodation and/or restaurant facilities
  • information and help office
  • insurance.


 Teachers are qualified professionals:

  • they are specialized in teaching the French language.
  • they hold at least a three-year university degree, or enjoy minimum three years of experience in teaching the French language.
  • the Director of the French Department assures that the teaching and courses conform to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

 Your language level is tested before and after your courses:

  • before you start your course, you will be given a placement test which will help us both determine the French course level that may best suit you. Your level is also evaluated after the course.
  • students are provided with a Course Certificate, stating their type of courses, the duration as well as the level achieved according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

 Courses are provided in our convenient premises:

  • classrooms meet standard norms and requirements.
  • students also have access to a library, an open space and a cafeteria.