Internal rules of the Campus Langues private institute

Art. 1: Students must acquire appropriate textbooks before the 1st class. They will not be refunded or exchanged if deteriorated. Photocopies of them will not be issued.

Art. 2: Students must arrive on time for classes. If the Student is more than 15 minutes late, admission to the class will be refused.

Art. 3: Out of respect for other Students and the staff of the establishment, the use of mobile phones is not permitted in the Institute.

Art. 4: Eating and drinking are prohibited in classrooms. Small social events or drinks may take place in the relaxation area.

Art. 5: Students are not allowed to adjust the ventilation and heating equipment in the Institute, or to manipulate the classroom blinds or window handles.

Art. 6: Smoking is strictly forbidden on the grounds of the Institute. It is also forbidden to park in front of the entrance to smoke, and to throw cigarette butts on to the stairs or at the entrance to the car park. Students who smoke must leave the building to do so and dispose of their cigarette butt in a municipal street litter bin.

Art. 7: When Students are present on the premises outside of class time, we request that they go to the "CAMPUS Study" or relaxation space provided for this purpose on each site. They must refrain from parking at the entrance to the premises or in front of emergency exits so as not to hinder the movement of people. Students should also ensure that they maintain an atmosphere of calm in their studies and when exchanging with other Students during breaks. Telephone and internet conversations as well as listening to music are therefore not allowed.

Art. 8: The administrative and teaching staff of the institution must be respected. No verbal or physical violent or threatening behaviour to these members of staff will be tolerated.

Art. 9: All documents (certificates and attestations) supplied to Students must conform to a specific format to be recognised as authentic. They must therefore be sent to the relevant public or legal authorities in their original format and without any modification of any kind being made by the Student. Anyone presenting a modified version of a document supplied by our services will be severely punished.

Art. 10: Participants in cultural activities organised by the Institute must comply with the security rules and follow the instructions given by accompanying staff in all circumstances. CAMPUS LANGUES Private Institute cannot be held liable for accidents caused by the fault, imprudence or negligence of a participant. Any participant who does not comply with these rules or who behaves in a manner that causes discomfort to other participants, guides or accompanying staff may be expelled from the group and will not be eligible for a refund.

In the event of a breach of the present internal rules, the school reserves the right to terminate the courses of the Student concerned without financial compensation.