The English language is used in our daily life, whether in a professional frame, to travel, or even to understand the English culture through movies, series and music. 

It is always useful and sometimes even necessary to speak English!  

 An interactive method 

Take part in lively English lessons focused on real-life scenarios, role plays and partner or group exercises!

Comprehensive and intensive practice 

Study English at an intensive pace: study 20H/week to make fast progress! Review the building blocks of the English language and be amazed at how quickly you can communicate with others. 

Oral practice as a priority 

Take the floor in a relaxed class atmosphere! Perfect your pronunciation with an intuitive method of phonetic correction called “audio-phonology”. 

Language in context 

Learn to use English in everyday life in our English culture and literature workshops. Learn about native habits and customs! Discover and live the English language! 

Validation of progress 

Our English programmes were designed according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
English books used in class: International Express