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Level A1.1
MON JUNE 3, 2024
9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
from Monday to Friday
in person in Paris 19th

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English level test


Study English at an intensive pace and speed up your progress! With intensive 20H/week English courses you can revise, reinforce and enrich your knowledge of English!

Your objectives:

  • •    Boost your written and spoken fluency in English
    •    Perfect your knowledge of English
    •    Familiarise yourself with the English language
    •    Work on your weak points in phonetics and pronunciation
    •    Discover the social and cultural variety of the English-speaking world
    •    From level B1 Intermediate, preparing for the Cambridge English certifications:
    • recognized by universities and graduate schools worldwide
    • proof that you are ready to study English
    • the most reliable indicator of your level of English

Course details

Level of study required: Baccalauréat (French high-school diploma) or equivalent

  • Class size: between 10 and 25 people per class
  • Available to: students with a student visa or a student residence permit, students from the EU
  • Location: Paris 19th / Boulogne-Billancourt
  • Enrolment fee: €70 (to be paid once a year)
  • Obligatory course materials: English File, Student's Book with Online Practice - 4th Edition (Oxford University Press) - 47,95€ (A1-B1) / 45,95€ (B2-C1).
  • Obligatory online English test :

passer le test


At the end of a 12-week cycle minimum, students receive a certificate of the level reached.

Visa information

If you wish to enroll in the English Student 20HR Programme as part of the renewal of a residence permit, you must lodge an application online: 

Submit your application

Once your application is accepted, you will be contacted for an appointment at our school. 

Courses content

12H general English

Discover the English language and culture and progress in your written and spoken English through a comprehensive course:

  • Grammar - oral comprehension
  • Vocabulary - written comprehension

From level B1 Intermediate : training for the Cambridge English exams to assess your abilities and record your progress.

3H Audio-phonology with

Understand and speak independently! Take part in CAMPUS LANGUES ONLINE, an intuitive method of phonetic correction to:

  • Improve your oral comprehension of English
  • Increase the fluency of your pronunciation in English
  • Enjoy speaking fluently

2.5H Culture/phonetics/oral communication workshop

This course aims to enable you to speak English independently in daily life.
A wide variety of topics are covered: daily life, leisure activities and practical advice.

Phonetics/oral communication
Practice English by studying literary texts that will help your spoken expression.

2.5H Trainig &Self-evaluation

Improve your English at home and correct your written exercices in class with your teacher !

Packages & prices

20H option

English Student 20H

English: 12H/week + Workhop: 2H30 + E-learning: 3H + Practice: 2H30






A1 to C1


Monday- Thursday

Activities & Workshops



4 weeks - 435 €
8 weeks - 815
12 weeks - 1 135 €
24 weeks - 2 155 €
36 weeks - 3 145 €

How to register

You are not a EU resident and you have the student status.

1st step

On site or online

Please provide:
You can directly come to our offices in order to register directly. 

If you wish to enroll in the English Student 20HR Programme as part of the renewal of a residence permit, the registration can only be made online. 

Please download:
•    Most recent university qualification (or equivalent to high-school qualification)
•    Your grade report from last year
•    CV and letter explaining your study project in France
•    Passport
•    Student visa or Student Residency Permit
•    Renewal receipt or a letter of notification from la Préfecture

2nd step

Oral test on site

After our administrative team validates your documents, we will contact you to organize a face-to-face meeting with one our councilors to test your English oral skills. 

3rd step

Payment of your courses

Your course is booked once we have received your payment.
Pay for your course at least ten days before lessons start.

• ONLINE payment: 
The amount is debited only if your application is successful.
If your application is rejected, the amount won’t be charged.
• Payment ON SITE
After your application is accepted, you can proceed to the payment.


No, students may not ask for a start date postponement or a lesson postponement  during their course.

Yes, depending on your level and the availability of places. The English test will work out your level precisely and we’ll agree on a suitable time.
Daytime lessons: 9.30 am-12.30 pm or 2.00 pm-5.00 pm

Yes, it’s compulsory to buy the International Express (New edition) method. Your teacher will give you the references. You can buy it at your course centre.

Before lessons start(minimum 8 days beforehand, by registered letter with proof of receipt): you’ll receive refund for the lessons, less the sum of 100 € for administrative costs and bank charges. In no other circumstances may lessons be postponed or refunded.
- After lessons have started:

No refunds may be given, except in cases of ""force majeure"" only (a major unforeseeable event, student repatriated for health reasons, with supporting document), for which remaining lessons will be refunded, less the sum of 100 € for administrative costs and bank charges. A week’s lessons may not be refunded if the student has attended one of the lessons.

You’re tested every week and you have an exam at the end of each level.

  • On site: by credit card, cash or cheque
  • Online: by credit card on our website

It all depends on the effort you put in, the work you do on your own and how much English you use on a daily basis.
The time taken to cover each level varies: the higher the level, the longer it takes.
For example: Level A1 lasts for approximately 8 weeks, while level B1 lasts for 14 weeks.

CAMPUS LANGUES offers 9 levels of English lessons.
They follow the scale of levels defined by the CEFR, which has 6 levels.
We have subdivided the levels to allow you to study in an evenly-matched group that’s ideally suited to your language needs.

There’s an average of 20 students per class.

If you need a registration certificate in order to renew your Student Residency Permit, you must pay for your courses in full.

For example, 20-hour intensive Englishcourse: 24 weeks
20 hours a week for 24 weeks 2155€ + Registration fee 70€ = 2225€
Manuel English File, Student's Book with Online Practice - 4th Edition (Oxford University Press ) obligatoire : 48,95€ (A1 à B1) et 49,95€ (B2 à C1).
You will receive a certificate of enrollment based on the number of paid courses.

If you’re looking to improve your English and you don’t need a registration certificate in order to renew your residence permit, you may register for 1, 2 or 3 months or more.

For example, 20-hour intensive Englishcourse: 8 weeks
20 hours a week for 8 weeks 815€ + Registration fee 70€ = 885€
Manuel English File, Student's Book with Online Practice - 4th Edition (Oxford University Press ) obligatoire : 47,95€ (A1 à B1) et 45,95€ (B2 à C1).

Programme(s) concerné(s)

Intensive Student programme

Cancellation requested following the refusal of renewal of the residence permit: paid courses will be refunded upon presentation of official proof issued by the Prefecture, minus the sum of 100 € administrative and bank fees (subject to receipt of the request 8 days minimum before the beginning of the courses).

Yes, these are the administrative formalities that you must follow:

1: Register your application on site or online:

    Latest university diploma obtained (or equivalent to high-school qualification)
    Proof of enrollment from last year
    Your grade report form last year
    CV + a letter explaining your study project in France
    Photocopy of visa and/or Residence Permit and/or Renewal receipt and/or Photocopy of your next appointment at the Prefecture

2: Your application is examined: 3 working days

3: Once your application has been accepted:

    Payment of the registration fees (70€) + payment of all the Student 20-hour intensive English lessons
    12 weeks : 1080€
    24 weeks : 2050€
    36 weeks : 2995€
    (""Foreign Student"" status)
    Documents issued on registration:
    - registration certificate
    - student card
    - payment receipt.
    Documents issued on request at the end of the course:
    - attendance certificate
    - marks statement or level certificate
    - the CAMPUS LANGUES private institute diploma for students who have followed at least a term’s lessons (under certain conditions)

Register your application online

Programme(s) concerné(s)

Intensive Student programme

No, if your application for a renewed residence permit is turned down by the Prefecture, you will not receive a refund from CAMPUS LANGUES.

Yes, CAMPUS LANGUES is a Private Institute registered with the Paris Education Authority as a Private Higher Education Establishment.

Most of our teachers are native English speakers. The few that are not native English speakers have demonstrated their expertise over several years of teaching and show the same high standards in their teaching method.

No. We offer general intensive English lessons. If you’re looking to prepare for TOEIC or TOEFL, you may register for our specialist TOEIC and TOEFL preparation courses.

Our bank details will be sent by mail after your registration file will be validated.

PLEASE NOTE: all bank charges are at your cost.

The documents issued on the demand at the end of the course are:

  • an attendance certicates
  • a marks statetement or level certicate
  • the diploma from the Private Institute CAMPUS LANGUES for students who attended at least 12 weeksn of courses.

Programme(s) concerné(s)

Intensive Student programme

Most of our students are aged between 20 and 30 but we welcome students of all ages.

Every Monday for non-beginners (subject to availability of places)
 Approximately every two months for complete beginners

You should register at least a week before your lessons are due to start.
For example, to start on a Monday, you should register before the previous Friday.
Monday is a very busy day: if you wish to register, we therefore recommend that you plan your visit for:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 10.00 am and 7.00 pm and on Saturday between 11.00 am and 4.00 pm.

Programme(s) concerné(s)

Intensive Student programme

We have a number of centres in Paris and at La Défense.

PARIS 19: We have 2 centres in the 19th arrondissement for intensive English lessons:
9-11 rue de L’Argonne, 75019 Paris. The nearest underground station is “Corentin Carriou” on line 7.

LA DEFENSE: Les Collines de l'Arche, Immeuble F, 4th floor, 76, rte de la Demi-Lune 92057 PARIS LA DEFENSE. Underground, T2, RER and SNCF Grande Arche / La Défense Exit A.

We welcome French learners but also European and non-European learners. The courses are full of students from every continent and from all horizons.

Changing level: your teacher needs to have noted that your level is not suited to that of his/her class. You should therefore make your request to your teacher.

If you are a citizen of a European Union country: you do not need a visa.
If you are a citizen of a country which is not a member of the European Union:

For a stay of less than 90 days: the visa you need is a short stay visa known as a ""Schengen visa"".  Some countries do not require this visa. You can view the list here

For a stay of more than 90 days  the visa you need is a long stay visa adapted to the length and purpose of your stay.

For further information: