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Intensive English courses in Paris

Intensive English courses in Paris



An intensive English programme to give your CV a boost!

This programme is designed for everyone (except students).
It is not referenced as part of the continuing learning or CPF accredited.
If you are a student, please see the:


Our intensive English courses enable you to (re)assess, improve and enhance your spoken and written English.

Objectives in General English: immersion

  • Improving your understanding
  • Using spoken English confidently
  • Understanding grammar and using it instinctively
  • Improving your pronunciation so you no longer sound “so French”!
  • Discovering the various aspects of the culture and civilisation of English speaking countries
  • From level B1 Intermediate, preparing for the Cambridge English Certifications:
    • Recognized by companies worldwide
    • Proof that you are ready to work in an English-speaking country
    • The most reliable indicator of your level of English

Objectives in Professional English:

  • Writing an e-mail: writing concisely, learning appropriate phrases, expressions and letter endings
  • Preparing for an interview: discover Anglo-Saxon interview techniques and prepare for them
  • Holding a telephone conversation: improving your comprehension and using idiomatic expressions
  • Managing a meeting or giving a presentation: convincing your audience and improvising when necessary

Courses contents

Learn to love the English language and make progress in both spoken and written English thanks to a comprehensive training course which covers:

  • Writing, to ensure you are understood
  • Expressing yourself, for better communication
  • Listening and understanding
  • Reading, to understand

... thanks to clearly explained, useful grammar points and up-to-date vocabulary!

From level B1 Intermediate: training for the Cambridge English exams to assess your abilities and record your progress.

Become an ace at Anglo-Saxon culture!  Discover its many aspects thanks to enthusiastic and committed teaching staff. Includes literature, music, celebrities, customs and traditions and geography!
This workshop is your passport to the English speaking world!

Cet atelier vous fera voyager !

E-LEARNING = unlimited
Specialise in business English while studying in your free time!  We propose an intuitive and enjoyable method enabling you to:

  • Learn to deal with business situations such as:
    • The first negotiation
    • Presenting a product
    • Presenting your company
    • Preparing a conference
  • Discover the vocabulary for numerous key themes:
    • Company life
    • Finance and insurance
    • Economics and business
    • Administration and justice
  • Gain confidence thanks to virtual conversations:
    • You are an HR manager and must organize a business trip
    • You are a manager’s assistant and need to book a table for a business lunch
    • You are looking for a job and need to attend an interview
    • You are a student working on a part-time basis and would like to join your company’s sports team
  • Analyse videos of news channels
    • Associated Press
    • Euronews


Packages & prices


Intensive Option

ENGLISH 12H/week + Workshop 2H30 + Unlimited E-learning



Paris / La Défense / Boulogne


Mon / Tue / Wed / Thu / Fri


A1 to C1

General English

From Monday to Thursday
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
2:00-5:00 PM


9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
2:00-4:30 PM




370 € (2 weeks)
590 € (4 weeks)
825 € (6 weeks)
1060 € (8 weeks)
1470 € (12 weeks)


Course details

For all audiences (except students)
This program is not referenced as part of the continuing learning or CPF accredited.

Level of study required: Baccalauréat (French high-school diploma) or equivalent
Class size: between 10 and 25 people per class
Location: Paris / La Défense / Boulogne
Available to: students with a student visa or a student residence permit, students from the EU
Obligatory online English test : English Test Online
Enrolment fee: €0
Obligatory course materials: €42

At the end of a 12-week cycle, students receive a certificate of the level reached.

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Certificat de préinscription délivré pour le règlement de 12 semaines minimum.
Frais de préinscription : 95€

Certificat d'inscription délivré pour le règlement de 12 semaines minimum.
Frais d'inscription : 45€

Frais d'inscription : 45€

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