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French level test


Choose the option that best suits your personal objectives.
Our annual programmes go from 3 to 4 training sessions. Each training session lasts 12 weeks.

These programmes are geared towards students from outside the EU.

You must have a student visa or a student residence permit.

Course details

Obligatory course materials: A1, A2 levels = 31,40€ / B1 level = 32,70€ / B2 level = 34,30€ / C1 level = 38€
Enrollment fees: 70€ (to be paid once a year)
Pre-enrollment fees (Visa application): 135€ 
Class size: between 15 and 23 people per class
Location: Paris 19th / Boulogne-Billancourt
Suggested levels: A1 to C1
Available to: students being minimum 18 years old with a student visa or a student residence permit 
• Obligatory online French test


At the end of a 12-week cycle minimum, students receive a certificate corresponding to the level reached.

Visa information

In order to follow one of those programmes, you must have a student visa or a student residence permit.
You should first pre-enroll at Campus Langues and apply for a visa at the Consulate in your country or at Campus France. 

Campus Langues helps you step by step to pre-enroll. 

Courses content

General French - 10h/week 

Discover the French language and culture and progress in your written and spoken French through a comprehensive course:
•    Grammar/ vocabulary
•    Oral and written comprehension
•    Realistic role-plays
•    Interaction in diverse situations

Workshops and activities - 10h/week

Speed up your progress: speak French in different contexts!

Workshops (5H/week)
Work on your weak points and focus on a specific language point:

  • ConversationVocabulary
  • Reading & intonation
  • Grammar
  • Writing
  • Oral comprehension
  • Lexicon
  • Dictation & spelling
  • Phonetics

Or progress through topics that interest you:

  • Theatre
  • Fashion
  • Cinema

Lectures & culture (2H/week)
Be inquisitive and deepen your understanding of French culture.
Cultural activities (3H/week)
Use your French to explore Paris and its unique and unmissable sights.

Edito Online
Improve your French at your own pace with online lessons and exercises from level A1 to level B1.

Packages & prices

20H option

General French + Activities

French: 10H/week / Workshops & Activities: 10H/week






A1 to C1


9am – 11am
11am – 1pm
2pm – 4pm
4pm – 6pm

Activities & Workshops

Depending on the planning


4 weeks - 340 €
8 weeks - 660 €
12 weeks - 970 €
24 weeks - 1 845 €
28 weeks - 2 175 €
36 weeks - 2 705 €
48 weeks - 3 570 €

How to register

You are not an EU resident
You wish to stay in France for more than 90 days


I apply for a student visa: how to pre-enroll

Online ONLY, please click on "PRE-ENROLLMENT"


I have my visa. How do I enrol? 

You need to enroll into our 20H Student Programme "GENERAL FRENCH 10H/week (5x2H) + Workshops and Activities"


I've had my visa for 1 year: how do I renew it?

You need to enroll onto one of our 20H student programmes.
You will receive your CAMPUS LANGUES enrolment certificate and a student card.




Change level: your teacher must have confirmed that your level does not match that of his/her class. Submit your request to your teacher.

  • Change teacher: the Director of Studies will assign you another teacher. Please write an email at 
  • Change times: on condition that a course matching your level is available. This request should be submitted online: Mon Campus

We have several centres in Paris and at La Défense.

7, rue Duvergier, 75019 Paris (19th district). The closest Metro stop is the ""Crimée"" stop on line 7. Two other centres also look forward to welcoming you nearby.

Yes, if there are places available for your level. The French test will precisely identify your ability level and together we will agree the times best suited to you.

Day classes: 9 AM / 11 AM / 2 PM / 4 PM
Evening classes: from 7 PM to 9 PM, 2 evenings per week.

No. Not unless you are a complete beginner*. The test enables us to assess your ability level and to propose a class suited to your linguistic requirements.
(*) You are a beginner if you have never studied French or if you have no knowledge of the French language (you only know a few words and a maximum of 2 or 3 phrases).

Yes: if you need a visa to study in France (if your stay in France will exceed 90 days and you are not European).
In addition to your visa application, you'll need to supply a certificate of pre-enrollment to Campus France (the institution which approves you for your period of planned study) and to the French consulate (the institution which issues your visa) in your country. The CAMPUS Langues private institute will provide you with this document when you pre-enroll.

No: if you are European or if you are a tourist (your stay in France will not exceed 90 days) or if the validity date of your residence permit (your visa or your ""Student's"", Family Visit Working Holiday, Resident's or Employee's residence permit) has not expired.

Yes, when you register for one of the 20H Student Programmes.

You will need to pre-enroll into our 20H Students program "" GENERAL FRENCH 10H/week (5x2H) + Workshops and Activities "" (click on ""PRE-ENROLLMENT"")

More information
We will send you the pre-registration certificate by e-mail.
You could get your original pre-registration certificate by two ways:
- On site
- By requesting to retrieve the certificate and send it by private Courier (DHL...) The criteria depend on the country. It is important to well prepare the interview.


Your administrative formalities will involve the following 3 steps:


Studing in France procedure

Getting Visa

Please see the question ""How can I obtain a certificate of pre-enrollment""

Step 2: Studing in France procedure
This is a French government programme which assesses the applicant's plans to study in France and examines the application for the student visa. Create an account on their website: 

Following this, you will be invited for an interview at Campus France to present your planned studies in France.
1.Create an account on their website here
2. Complete your application online
3. Once your application has been approved by CAMPUS FRANCE, the candidates will be required to select a date for french language test in your area.
4. Take your french language test in your area.
5. Make an appointment for the pre-consular interview with CAMPUS France.
6. Present your planned studies in France during the interview.

Step 3: Getting visa
1. You will receive a message informing that your application is approved (campus france's process has finished)
2. Create an account on TLScontac plateform in your area.
3. Sumbit visa application at TLScontact.
4. Collect your passport
5. Scan your visa on MonCampus to confirm your arrival at CAMPUS LANGUES Paris.

You will need to contact the French consulate in your country. The time required to obtain an appointment for a Schengen visa should not exceed 15 days (unless special circumstances apply, i.e. if it is the ""high season"" for example) and the time taken to issue one should not exceed 15 calendar days.

The person applying for the visa must provide the consular authorities with all necessary items of proof concerning the purpose of the envisaged stay and the related conditions (sufficient resources, accommodation which can be demonstrated by means of an accommodation certificate) and must ""supply all information making it possible to assess the applicant's willingness to leave the territory of the member states"".

You'll need to provide us with:
    -1 passport photo (2cm/2cm)
    -1 photocopy of your passport, visa or residence permit
   - Pay your tuition fees (payment for a minimum of 12 weeks) and registration fees

You'll also take a test to assess your level of proficiency in French.

> on site, 7 rue Duvergier 75019 Paris OR at : 60 rue Carnot, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt.
> online

It all depends on how hard you work, how much personal work you put in and to what extent you use French on a daily basis.
The length of the ability levels is variable. The higher the level, the longer it is. You need approximatively 3 months to complete A1 / A2 levels and 4 months to complete B1/B2 and C1 levels.

CAMPUS LANGUES proposes 5 levels of French classes.
These are based on the level scale defined by the CEFR which has 5 levels.
We have subdivided each level into three sub-levels to enable you to study in a uniform ability group perfectly suited to your linguistic requirements.

If you need a student card and registration certificate from CAMPUS LANGUES, you will pay for the first 12 weeks of classes and then each quarter you will pay for 1, 2 or 3 months.
General French:
For example, for 20H per week for 12 weeks (12X20H) = €970
Registration fee: €70 (once a year)
Compulsory Edito method: A1, A2 levels = €31,40 / B1 level = €32,70 / B2 level = €34,30 / C1 level = €38

Programme(s) concerné(s)

Student 20H programme

You'll need to supply us with a medical certificate that you are unable to attend the classes and the period of absence will then be deferred.

The time required to obtain a Student visa varies between 1 and 2 months.

This is issued when you register for the 20H Student programmes.

This is issued when you pre-register for the 20H Student programmes. 

The diploma is issued by the teacher to students who attended at least 12 weeks of courses.

All requests for documents should be submitted via MonCampus. You should create your account then use the request form. You will be notified of the time required to obtain the document.

All requests for documents should be submitted via MonCampus. You should create your account then use the request form. You will be notified of the time required to obtain the document.

This is issued when you register for at least 12 weeks of courses. Please bring a photo with you.

This official document confirms your attendance of French classes. You should submit your request via MonCampus ( You should create your account then use the request form. The certificate will be sent out to you by post within 2 weeks.

You can request to postpone your course with the Liberty option. You will pay €20 per week deferred.

You can take these 2 weeks between 2 periods of paid teaching, we ask you to keep studying during your holidays in order to keep the same level as your group. If the difference of level between you and the group is too high, you might be placed in another group that better matches your level.  

Our bank details will be sent by mail after your preregistration file will be validated.

PLEASE NOTE: all bank charges are at your cost.

In some countries, the French consulate requires the payment of course costs (3, 6, 12 months) to obtain the visa (please see the prices below).
If this is refused, you will receive a refund of the course costs on condition that you provide us with an official document confirming that you have not obtained your visa.

You will not receive a refund for the cancellation fee of €135.
12 semaines : 915€
24 semaines : 1740€
36 semaines : 2555€

The criteria depend on the country. It is important to well prepare the interview.
- The quality of your previous studies 
- The value and coherence of your planned studies in France
- General criteria such as the likelihood of seeing the planned training / studies in France resulting in a ""professional success path"", the possbile contribution of the project to the economie and social development of the country of origin or the benefits for France and its cooperation with the country concerned.

You should contact Campus France or the consulate (please see the question on how to obtain a long stay student visa).

We are open from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM at: 7, rue Duvergier, 75019 Paris (PARIS 19th district). The nearest metro stop is the "Crimée" stop on line 7.

We are open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm at Boulogne-Billancourt - 60 rue Carnot, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt. Metro station : Billancourt (line 9).

You can start your French classes at any time of the year:

  • Each Monday for non-beginners (subject to available places)
  • Approximately every two weeks for complete beginners.

You have to register at least 2 weeks before the start of the course.

The date of the next ""Beginners' Level"" French course is always shown on

You must register 2 weeks before your course starts.

Monday is always a very busy day: to register on site, we recommend that you come and see us on:
- Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between 10 AM and 7 PM.

"If you are a citizen of a European Union country: you do not need a visa.
If you are a citizen of a country which is not a member of the European Union:

For a stay of less than 90 days: the visa you need is a short stay visa known as a ""Schengen visa"".  Some countries do not require this visa. You can view the list here.

For a stay of more than 90 days  the visa you need is a long stay visa adapted to the length and purpose of your stay.

For further information:

Yes, you are required to buy the Edito method. Your teacher will give you the necessary references. This can be purchased at the Registration Department.

Most of our teachers are French speakers and the few teachers whose first language is not French have demonstrated their skills through several years of teaching, displaying the same high standards in their educational methods.