• You should live in Paris or in one of the towns in the suburbs easily accessible from Paris during the academic year (placements throughout France are possible during the summer)
  • You should provide the trainee with a suitable, comfortable, private single bedroom
  • At least one of the two parents must be of French nationality
  • You must pay the costs of the medical cover for the young Au Pair boy/girl: accepting an Au Pair girl into your home requires a declaration to the URSSAF. The contributions are approximately €200 per month, which are not tax-deductible, enabling her to benefit from the social security system
  • You should allow sufficient free time in the day to enable the Au Pair to attend French classes in the school of their choice (the cost of this will be borne by the Au Pair)
  • You must sign a contract with the Au Pair boy/girl known as a Placement Agreement which must also be signed by the Direction Départementale pour le Travail, l’Emploi et la Formation Professionnelle - 
    Directorate for Work, Employment, and Professional Training - (original + photocopy). These formalities are carried out by the family or by the Au Pair agency.