Your administrative formalities will involve the following 3 steps:


Studing in France procedure

Getting Visa

Please see the question ""How can I obtain a certificate of pre-enrollment""

Step 2: Studing in France procedure
This is a French government programme which assesses the applicant's plans to study in France and examines the application for the student visa. Create an account on their website: https://pastel.diplomatie.gouv.fr/etudesenfrance/dyn/public/authentification/login.html. 

Following this, you will be invited for an interview at Campus France to present your planned studies in France.
1.Create an account on their website here
2. Complete your application online
3. Once your application has been approved by CAMPUS FRANCE, the candidates will be required to select a date for french language test in your area.
4. Take your french language test in your area.
5. Make an appointment for the pre-consular interview with CAMPUS France.
6. Present your planned studies in France during the interview.

Step 3: Getting visa
1. You will receive a message informing that your application is approved (campus france's process has finished)
2. Create an account on TLScontac plateform in your area.
3. Sumbit visa application at TLScontact.
4. Collect your passport
5. Scan your visa on MonCampus to confirm your arrival at CAMPUS LANGUES Paris.